The Wine collection

The international artist “Wine”, also known as Geoffrey Wijn, had a long standing wish to design a shoe using his “citylines” concept. Ragstar helped Wine to realize his dream and the result is a totally unique Wine collection, a collection of men and women’s shoes for all seasons.

This new collection was presented for the first time at the fashion trade-fair in the Modefabriek Amsterdam in January 2014. The shoes are available for the general public since the end of May 2014. Many Dutch celebrities have already shown their interest in this specially designed Wine collection.

About Geoffry Wine

Geoffrey Wijn (Singapore, 1968) alias ”Wine” is a popular Dutch Neo-pop Artist. He paints about the things that inspire him in life: “ All you’ve got is this moment” is his life motto. This means good food and wine, and all the joyful things in life: music, movies, women, cars and design. His highly colourful paintings tell the story of his life.

His unique and modern style is a big international success. In reaction to the variety of his clients and the many exhibitions where his work has been featured his work is has become very versatile. He mainly works with acrylic paint on linen but he also uses knives and spray cans. He owns a big studio/gallery in the Netherlands named Wine Art Gallery. This New York-style industrial building takes you back to the Pop Art scene of the 80’s.

After graduating from the School of the Arts in 1996, Faculty of architectural design, Wine started his career as an architect, interior designer and painter. Since the breakthrough of his Live!Art Wine is a welcome guest at all kinds of events. The creating of a work of art “on the spot and quickly” by being inspired by the events at that one moment, has become Wine’s trademark. Wine exhibits his works regularly in various international galleries.

Ragstar and Art collaboration

Ragstar is currently breaking new ground by cooperating with artists to create a unique individual look. We are looking for inspiring artists who are interested in jointly developing and promoting new products, that will expand our already exciting range and excite our customers.

The artists we choose will be given artistic freedom with their creations, with the proviso that the work is not offensive or discriminating in regard to gender, race or religion. We believe that developing new products together is the way to interesting innovation and mutual satisfaction. It’s a win-win situation!

A good example of the possibilities of our proposal is the current co-operation with the well-known pop artist Geoffrey Wijn, alias “Wine“. We are realizing a great new look in shoes that we are all extremely proud of.

It took about one year from initial contact until the shoes were available in stores. During that year different models were designed, small-scale produced and trialed at different fairs such as the Modefabriek. Eventually 6 models were chosen and taken into final production and distribution.

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